Let The Game Begin.

Let The Game Begin.

*The Gacha Guardians is an event brought to you by the same people who do The Gacha Garden.

You can begin by grabbing a HUD and start playing the gachas there for the event. Every 10 plays at a machine in this event will guarantee you a “Gift of the Guardian” from that creator. You must complete the HUD’s story before you will be bestowed your gifts by the guardians at the end.

Outfit: .SALT@*The Gacha Guardians (April 1) – SUGAR BABE LEISURE GACHA NEW!

Hair: Hair w/Hat:  .Shi x Messiah – Unisex Head Wrap / Chains

Skin:  [PF] – Doll V2 <Crystal>


Body: Maitreya –  Mesh Body Lara


Pose:  • .La Baguette. • – Joyssance 4

♥  Mistie


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